db Gallery

Deborah Barnard

Winery Co-Owner & Fused Glass Artisan

Artist Profile

The primary focus of my work in glass has its roots in many years of sewing and love of textiles.  I enjoy combining unexpected color combinations into glass.

To enhance the art work I often include glass elements that were made in a torch flame.

Current popular motifs include the wine glass with red wine and the petals either expressed as a flower or individually.  At this point the work centers on utilitarian items such as trays, bowls and plates which can be used for everyday as well as special occasions.

Artist Biography

My journey with glass began in college with stained glass.

In the last three years I returned to glass this time using heat.  After several classes at Bullseye Glass Company in Portland, Oregon I am continuing to define my glass techniques from beads to fused glass and into architectural elements.

Opened the “db” Fused Glass Studio at Barnard Griffin Winery in Fall 2007.


The winery, tasting room and ‘db’ Fused Glass Studio are located at:

878 Tulip Lane

Richland, WA

For more information, please visit www.BarnardGriffin.com or call (509) 627-0266.

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