db Studio Winter – Spring Glass Classes

Students at work in db Studio Glass Class

Students at work in db Studio Glass Class


1ST GLASS FUSING CLASS db Studio: First Glass Fusing Class Plates

March 24th
10am-12:00pm OR 5:30-7:30pm

Perfect for beginners! Class includes basics in glass fusing as well as a tutorial in glass-cutting. Ending result is one 8”x8” sushi plate.


2ND GLASS FUSING CLASS db Studio: Second Glass Fusing Class
*2 day class (must attend BOTH days)
March 31st & April 1st
DAY 1 | 10am-12:00pm OR 5:30-7:30pm
DAY 2 | 10am-12:00pm OR 5:30-7:30pm

Students will leave with two finished projects in this class: a kiln-carved 8” bowl and an 8” plate that incorporates a part sheet designed by the student, with an emphasis in tack fusing.
*PREREQ- First Glass Fusing Class


*2 day class (must attend BOTH days)db Studio: Pattern Bar Platter
April 14th & 16th

One pattern bar block will be made and turned into a rectangular platter. Finished pieces will be ready 2 days after last class.



TAPESTRY with Richard Parrishdb Studio Guest Glass Instructor: Richard Parrish
*4 day class (must attend ALL days)

February 20th, 21st and 22nd

February 23rd

db Studio: Richard Parrish Tapestry Glass Art db CC PHOTO Richard Parrish Round Bowl db CC Photo Richard Parrish spectrum blueWorkshop participants will make two finished pieces. They will be introduced to the major techniques involved in making these pieces and how these techniques result in the subtleties of pattern making and color use that make Richard’s Tapestry pieces so compelling.

The first piece will introduce the necessary techniques and initial color and pattern thoughts. The second piece will be a significant piece carried through from beginning to finished piece while focusing on the importance of well-made and well-finished work. Additional small samples and study pieces will be introduced along the way.

Coral Bowl making at db Glass Studio

The Coral Bowl
Workshop includes two firings and use of basic studio glass cutters.   Students must know how to cut glass
Friday, 3/27: 5:30-7p
Saturday, 3/28: 11a-12:30p


Martha Pfanschmidt at db Glass Studio db CC Photo Martha Pfanschmidtdb CC Photo Martha Pdfanschmidt layered #2 LAYERED ASSEMBLAGE with Martha Pfanschmidt
*4 day class (must attend ALL days)



April 23rd, 24th and 25th
April 26th

Using colored powders on clear sheet glass, students will develop patterns and images that will be fired, cut up, re-assembled and stacked into 2-4 layer thick compositions that will be fired again – creating visually complex finished works.

We will create patterned and colored 6” x 6” pieces that we will then cut up and assemble into “collaged” final pieces: one 7” x 9” block two layers thick and one 7” x 9” block 4 layers thick.

db Studio large work space for Glass Classes

db Studio large work space for Glass Classes

 Fun and Educational.  Sign up for a class!  

db Studio Kiln-Glass Education Facility, Richland, Washington

 For Class Safety, we recommend wearing long pants and close-toed shoes.

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  1. do you ever offer lampworking classes?

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