db Studio Presents Guest Instructor: Richard Parrish

db Studio Guest Glass Instructor: Richard ParrishRichard Parrish
Tapestry Class
February 20th-23rd

Richard Parrish’s Tapestry bowls, trays and wall panels are widely recognized for their intricate patterning and coloration.

This new workshop will explore how an original idea develops into a comprehensive line of studio glass work. The Tapestry pieces rely on color relationships, design, and technique for success.

Workshop participants will make two finished pieces as they are introduced to the major techniques involved in making, and how those techniques result in the subtleties of color use and pattern making that make Richard’s Tapestry pieces so compelling.

The first piece will introduce the necessary techniques and initial color and pattern thoughts. The second piece will be a significant piece carried through from beginning to finished piece while focusing on the importance of well-made and well-finished work.

Additional small samples and study pieces will be introduced along the way.

Richard’s Tapestry pieces are based on a belief that work that begins with ideas and is supported by design and technical knowledge will be stronger, more personal and more original than those works without a solid foundation of these critical components.

db Studio Guest Glass Instructor: Richard Parrish












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