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1st Glass Fusing Class -$100

*2 day class (must attend BOTH days)

                September 4th and 6th, October 2nd and 4th,

                November 6th and 8th or December 4th and 6th

                DAY 1    | 10am-12:30pm OR 5:30-8pm

                DAY 2    | 10am-11:30pm OR 5:30-7pm

                Perfect for beginners! Class includes basics in glass fusing as well as a tutorial in glass-cutting. Ending result is one 8”x8” sushi plate.

Pocket Vases -$150 w/ stand

                September 11th and 13th

                December 11th and 13th** (Holiday Class)

                                | 10am-12pm OR 6pm-8pm

                Put your glass-cutting skills to use and create a beautiful kiln-carved vase, price shown includes a stand. *PREREQ- First Glass Fusing Class


Light Your Kiln on Fire -$250

*3 day class (must attend ALL days)

                September 18th, 19th and 20th

                                | 10am-12pm OR 6pm-8pm

                Working with glass rod in a torch, students will learn to create several shapes that can be added to their fused glass project. On day 1 samples are made, and day two is spent creating an 8“x8” plate using one or more of the techniques. *PREREQ- First Glass Fusing Class

Portrait Class -$75

                Date & Time TBD

                Using frits, powders and other textures of glass, students will create a 4“x6” self-portrait. Pieces will be fired with an embedded wire loop for easy hanging. Perfect for kids age 6 to 90! *PREREQ- First Glass Fusing Class

Exploring Tints-$80-$100

                October 5th

                                | 10am-12pm OR 6pm-8pm

                Only tints and whites will be used in this class. Students choose between doing a 4”x13” channel plate for $80 or a 5”x17.5” channel plate for $100. *PREREQ- First Glass Fusing Class

Pendant Making-$30

                September 15th | 1pm-2:30pm

                Make 6 gorgeous pendants in this class, perfect for beginners! No glass cutting required.

Leaves – Kiln Carving-$85

                October 9th

                                | 10am-12pm OR 6pm-8pm

This class is kiln-carving on steroids. Students can bring in a favorite leaf, no bigger than 6“, carve the fiber paper and add either thin glass or powder for color. Finished piece will be an 8” shallow bowl. *PREREQ- First Glass Fusing Class

Leaves – Powder on Irid-$60

                October 16th

                                | 10am-12pm OR 6pm-8pm

Create an 8”x8” sushi plate by covering your favorite leaf with clear powdered glass on silver irid coated black glass. *PREREQ- First Glass Fusing Class

Leaves – Linoleum Carving-$175

                October 19th

                                | 10am-5pm

                In this class students will carve their favorite leaf into linoleum to create a mold. They will learn to calculate how much glass it takes to fill the mold, as will as casting firing schedules. *PREREQ- First Glass Fusing Class

Halloween Pumpkin Plate -$75

                October 23rd

                                | 10am-12pm OR 6pm-8pm

                Students will review circle cutting to create an 8” orange circle. The face of the pumpkin will be decorated with stringer bent in a candle flame. The ending result will be an 8” shallow bowl.


Reactions -$225

*3 day class (must attend ALL days)

                November 13th

                                | 9am-12pm or 6pm-9pm

                November 14th and 15th

                                | 10am-12pm or 6pm-8pm

                Come harness and control the different chemistries of glass that react with one another to create dazzling special effects. On the first day of class students will make several different reactive glass samples. On day two, students will see what is possible with the reactions in their samples and use them to create two plates or bowls. *PREREQ- First Glass Fusing Class


Pattern Bar II -$345

*3 day class (must attend ALL days)

                October 25th and 26th

                                | 10am-4pm

                October 27th

                                | 10am-12pm

                Students will create one pixel bar and one free flowing pattern bar (brick-like slabs of glass containing colors of the students choosing, totaling seven pounds of glass) on day one. On day two, students will use a wet saw to slice their pattern bars and assemble them into 2 different pieces. On day three, students will cold work their pieces, grinding and sanding edges. Students will have leftovers for other projects. *PREREQ- First Glass Fusing Class

Bas Relief, guest instructor Richard Parrish -$575

*4 day class (must attend ALL days)

                November 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th

                                | 10am-5pm

                This class explores the rich possibilities of working in relief in kilnformed glass. Simple materials such as fiber paper are used to create complex forms, shapes and textures. Intricate surface relief, texture, color and light interactions are possible in “shallow space.” The workshop will include a brief survey of the use of relief in art and architecture throughout history. Sheet glass, frit and powder are the primary glass materials used. Coldworking techniques will be used to create additional textures and to finish the work. Numerous reference samples will be made in preparation for a comprehensive final project. *PREREQ- First Glass Fusing Class or comparable experience

Call: 509-627-0266 or email:

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