Extended OPEN STUDIO Hours at db Studio & Gallery

Ongoing Self-Guided Program  


Open Studio is a unique opportunity and a big perk for those who take db Studio classes. Bring your Bullseye glass and tools to the studio and learn diverse methods, studio practices and be inspired by fellow members of the glass community.  

A db Studio staff member will be present during these self-guided sessions.   

   Barnard Griffin Tasting Room

Eligibility:  Anyone who has taken a db Studio class that has included glass cutting may attend open studio sessions.

Times Offered

          Tuesdays: 4-8pm

          Thursdays: 1-5pm

          Saturdays & Sundays:  10am-2pm

Cost:  The basic rate is $5/hour, and the required minimum is 2 hours. Additional charges for studio time, firings, and mold rental may apply (below) and must be paid at the time you pick up work.

Firing Fees:  

Kiln fuse per (24 hour period) in GL-24                    $30

Kiln slump         ”                         ”                                       $25

Kiln firing on a 26.5″x52″ shelf -Pearl Kiln              $90

Mold rental                                                                            $5


  • Make a reservation for studio time by calling 509-627-0266 or email.  

  • Bring your own tools and Bullseye glass. No glass will be provided. Glass may be purchased during Open Studio.

  • GlasTac and glass cleaner will be provided.

  • A db Studio staff member must be present.

  • Kilns must be programmed by a db Studio staff member (or under a staff member’s supervision).

  • Projects must be composed entirely of Bullseye glass-including accessory glass like dichroics, frit, stringer, etc. Items like metal foils, nichrome wire or other materials deemed appropriate by the db Studio staff member in charge may be used.

  • When designing your pieces, factor in our shelf dimensions (about 21″ square for a GL-24) plus a ½” distance between your piece and the shelf edge, in all directions.

  • Choose slumping molds before designing your pieces. Molds may be fired together with others to fill a complete kiln, if the firing schedules are similar. Note: Dimensions listed in the catalog for slumping molds are for the mold at its largest points and are not intended as glass-cutting measurements.

  • Studio storage space is non-secured and limited, you may rent space in the studio, and you must pick up your fired pieces in a timely fashion.

  • With notice it is possible to arrange to bring in projects for firing outside of Open Studio. Call or email to make arrangements. You will have limited workspace and 30 minutes per shelf to assemble your pieces.
  • db Studio will not be held responsible for damage to items left on the premises or projects that fail due to customer negligence or error.    

 Barnard Griffin Tasting Room

db Studio & Gallery

878 Tulip Lane

Richland. WA  99352


Got Questions?  

BULLSEYE Kiln Glass Resource Center Preferred Partner

 For safety, we recommend wearing long pants and close-toed shoes.

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